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If you google ‘How to become a graphic designer without going to school’ you get 5,490,000 results!! That’s information overload at it’s finest. In this little corner of the web, I share my own journey in teaching myself graphic design and the best resources, how to guides and other interesting stuff that pops up on my radar. These days it’s easier then ever before to follow your passion and teach yourself how to apply it for your business or a fun side hustle. Read on for more info.

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Skills to focus on for new designers


It speaks to the viewer and accentuates your graphic designs. A good typography is legible and affects reader’s emotions as if you are talking to them. Good typography has been proven to create a positive emotion on people. It makes them perform better and sparks creativity.

Color Theory

Understanding color is a must. Each color has a meaning and an ability to trigger our psychological senses. It influences the likability of a brand and how it is perceived.

Page layout

How you place logos, captions, images, text and other details is crucial in helping users find what they are looking for quickly, as well as making the appearance visually appealing. Effective layout avoids leaving users feeling puzzled and overwhelmed.


Photography is a universal language capable of communicating to a wide audience. But photography is a very personal affair. No two of us approach it exactly the same way. Each image captures a moment in time seen through your eyes, processed by your way of seeing the world.


Every creative person and even those who are not into design work might have used a pencil or a pen and a paper at some point of their work process. But with the popularity of sketching applications on tablets and other devices, the traditional way of conceptualizing an idea on a piece of paper are replaced by virtual sketch pads and sticky notes.


The good news is that design is a skill that is taught and developed. And while many designers have been blessed with a natural eye for the craft, it isn’t quite the same as being born with an innate ability for sculpting, oil painting or installation-based expression.

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